Dear friends in Christ,

Thank you so much for considering Rachel and I to lead worship for your event! 

We do not require a set amount or fee for our ministry. We would however ask that you cover all of our expenses as well as the band’s expenses (if you are requesting a full band). This includes the travel costs, hotel, and food. We operate on a culture of honor and believe ministers are worthy of being blessed for the grace on their lives and their hard work. We know it is in all our hearts to live generously as we follow in the example of Jesus who ultimately gave everything for us. Therefore we would humbly ask you to prayerfully consider blessing us with an honorarium, which keeps in mind the number of band members brought along. 

Please don’t misunderstand our heart. We consider it a privilege and a joy to serve the wider church body, but as we do so we want to ensure that we are able to continue to protect and provide for our family and the people God has entrusted to us. We also want to steward well the gifts, resources and calling God has blessed us with. We believe God has firmly rooted us in the local church  this is where we are primarily called to serve. However If we have the opportunity and availability we would love to partner with you and your ministry.

If you are in agreement with all of this, the next step is to fill out the invitation form below. We will consider the invitations prayerfully and give approval if that seems good to the Lord and the leadership he has placed us under.

Andy & Rachel


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